Our Vision

For humanity to become nature-positive, actively supporting a sustainable future in which people live in harmony with nature.


Our Mission

To empower people and organizations to initiate and support transformative change towards sustainability.


Knowing what to do—specifically—to instigate lasting, meaningful, systemic change

A central platform to make it easy and enjoyable to take action

Strength in numbers—a diverse community to support and nourish each other

Feeling that together we can achieve harmony with nature, via transformative change

Specifically, we will:

Bring systems science and the social science of transformation to budding activists that can enable them to shift crucial social norms and leverage key system changes

CoSphere as a metaphor 

we are providing an octopus.

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Our Approach

Explore how CoSphere unites a diverse community of planetary citizens and equips them with the tools to effect system change.


How do you change the world?

Our Theory of Change

The values are there—millions of people want a better, more sustainable world. What’s lacking is a combination of:


Our Values



We foster a community in which all people are welcome.



We respect our planet and each other.



We share the scientific research that our evaluation protocols are based on, and the protocols themselves.



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We create partnerships that work towards futures both better and wilder.

We believe that sustainable futures are rooted in Justice, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Our Positionality

CoSphere is a project of the Institute for Resources, Environment, and Sustainability at the University of British Columbia. We are thankful to work on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territories of the Musqueam people.

As a project of a university (a colonial institution in a settler state), we know that science has often been used by those with power to oppress others, in particular Black and Indigenous people and people of colour. We are committed to wielding science as a tool for social and environmental justice. We believe that science plays an important role in complex multi-systems challenges such as global sustainability alongside other ways of knowing; and that science can help document and mitigate complex injustices perpetuated by people in part through the environment.


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