About CoSphere

CoSphere is a Community of Small-Planet Heroes
(ecologically regenerating economies)

Our Approach

CoSphere unites a diverse community of planetary citizens and equips them (and you!) with the tools to instigate transformative change through:

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Accessible analyses of relevant programs, policies, and projects.

Leveraging an understanding of both social change and global systems thinking, our program analyses blogs uncover and highlight how specific programs contribute to transformative change.

"Explainers" on complex topics.

The "Explainers" blogs leverage science for broad understanding to ensure everyone has access to the latest sustainability science.

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Image by Li-An Lim. Youth at a climate march.

Stories about our trials and journeys – because the work of change is a deeply personal one.

Working for change can be lonely, uncertain and frustrating—our story blogs connect us through common challenges along the journey to sustainability.

A platform for sharing initiatives, collaboration, and participation.

The forum is a space for CoSphere members to share and collectively learn about efforts towards sustainability.

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A coalition of diverse organizations and initiatives with a common goal of initiating deep-reaching social-ecological solutions.

This will enable genuine lasting success for organizations through aligning actions and values with transformative change and eliminating the potential for solutions to undermine progress elsewhere.


The values are there—millions of people want a better, more sustainable world.
What’s lacking is a combination of:

How do you change the world? Our theory of change:


Knowing what to do—specifically—to instigate lasting, meaningful, systemic change


A central platform to make it easy and enjoyable to take action


Strength in numbers—a diverse community to support and nourish each other


Feeling that together we can achieve harmony with nature, via transformative change

How Can We Act?

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Private Actions: 
Behaviors that people take to reduce their environmental impacts (recycling, energy saving, etc.).

Social-Signaling Actions: 
Behaviors that publicly share and signal pro-environmental values, attitudes, identities, and opinions (sharing on social media, participating in an event like Earth Day, etc.).

System-Changing Actions: 
Behaviors that people collectively engage in to change laws, policies, corporate actions, institutions, and infrastructure (signing petitions, voting, direct activism, etc.).


Join Us

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For humanity to become nature-positive, actively supporting a sustainable future in which people live in harmony with nature.


To make it easy, enjoyable and empowering to initiate and support transformative change towards sustainable practices and societies.

Our Values



We foster a community in which all people are welcome.




We respect our planet and each other.

We share the scientific research that our evaluation protocols are based on, and the protocols themselves.


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We create partnerships that work towards futures both better and wilder.


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We embrace innovation to meet the challenges of the future.


Our Team


Kai Chan

Kai Chan is a professor at the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability at the University of British Columbia. Kai is an interdisciplinary, problem-oriented sustainability scientist, trained in ecology, policy, and ethics from Princeton and Stanford Universities. He was a coordinating author of the IPBES Global Assessment and the UNEP Making Peace with Nature report, co-leading the sections on pathways and solutions.


Claire loves the ocean and is interested in how transformative change in economic and social systems can work towards sustainability in marine systems.

Claire Armstrong


Hanaa is interested in how business systems and processes can be altered through transformative change to mitigate environmental impact and work towards a circular economy.

Hanaa Punja

IMG_7126 2_edited_edited_edited.png

Meg is interested in the intersection of sustainability with policy, politics, and government, exploring what role these plays in decision making.

Meg Sheline


Colton loves spending time outdoors, and he is pursuing a master’s degree at the Institute for Resources, Environment, and Sustainability at UBC to learn about the connections between outdoor recreation and sustainable behavior.

Colton Stevens


Brooke Sutherland

Brooke is passionate about advancing climate justice, fostering more sustainable relationships with nature, and the transition to a regenerative economy.

Previous Collaborators


Paige Olmsted

Neil and Erin-Joy Wedding oct 2014 E 064

Seth Brouwers

CoSphere is a project of the Institute for Resources, Environment, and Sustainability at the University of British Columbia. We are thankful to work on the traditional unceded territory of the Musqueam people.

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