About CoSphere

Our Vision

For humanity to become nature-positive, contributing positively to the future of all major forms of life and their contributions to current and future people.

Our Mission

To make it easy, enjoyable, and inexpensive to initiate and support transformative change towards more sustainable practices and societies.

Our Values

We respect our planet and each other.
We foster a community in which all people are welcome.
We create partnerships that work towards futures both better and wilder.
We embrace innovation to meet the challenges of the future.
We share the scientific research that we base our evaluations on.

Our Approach

In the face of linked climate, ecological and inequity crises, we need truly transformative change in our society to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals before it’s too late. With an overwhelming number of campaigns, policies, and programs that demand your attention, it is often difficult to know what to do.
CoSphere is the platform for individuals and organizations to learn about, share, and participate in efforts to achieve sustainability. In a world of greenwashing distractions, CoSphere injects a reality check to identify actions that enable transformative change, and how they do that.
Working for change can be a lonely, uncertain and frustrating endeavour. CoSphere unites a diverse community of planetary citizens and equips them with the tools to instigate transformative change through:
  • Accessible analyses of relevant programs, policies, and projects
  • ‘Explainers’ on complex topics that leverage science for broad understanding
  • A platform for sharing initiatives, collaboration, and participation
  • Stories about our trials and journeys – because the work of change is a deeply personal one