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There are numerous individuals and organizations working on various parts of the global challenge to create a sustainable future. These efforts are vital, but often isolated, and continue to be undermined by problems in our social, economic, political and governance systems. To achieve a better future for all, we need to band together and transform the systems that stifle sustainability despite our best individual efforts.

We need a space where people can find hope and community while coordinating for meaningful action. CoSphere creates that space. We unite and equip a coalition of individuals and organizations with the tools to effect system change for a sustainable and just future.

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CoSphere as a metaphor 

we are providing an octopus.

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137 nations have agreed that deep-reaching ‘transformative’ change is needed to address our global social and ecological crises—but their actions are still insufficient. Enough is enough.

I am pledging to foster deep system change towards a sustainable future as part of CoSphere.

This challenge is bigger than any of us.
We need to unite in a coalition for a better world for us and future generations.



Here's our pledge >

Our Pledge

Are you an individual or an organization?

Grow your understanding of the transformative change necessary for a sustainable future and how to create it.

Discover relevant initiatives and share your own on our community forum.

Connect with other small planet heroes, unleash your values, and take action.

Post news, volunteer callouts, or other information on our community forum. 

Submit programs, campaigns or initiatives for an analysis to be featured on CoSphere’s blog.

Collaborate with our team to incorporate the latest science on systems and social change into your work.

Amplify the voices and visions of the emerging youth leaders participating in CoSphere’s #UnleashValues workshops.

Coaliton Members


If your organization would like to join the coalition or learn more, please contact us.


For individuals, becoming a member is as easy as creating an account.

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