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You want to contribute to meaningful change for a more sustainable future, but you don’t know what to do. An overwhelming number of campaigns, policies and programs demand your attention and support. You know that science could help you prioritize your actions, but academic literatures are vast and inaccessible.


CoSphere cuts through the noise. We are a space for individuals and organizations to learn, share, and participate in diverse efforts to achieve sustainability. In a world of greenwashing, CoSphere injects a reality check to foster a deeper understanding of what we can do—both as individuals and collectively—to build a more sustainable world. By banding together, we can collectively achieve the whole package of social justice and environmental sustainability enabling deep and lasting change.


It’s a small world, after all. The same hyper-connected world that automatically translates our purchases into resource extraction and processing across several continents—and the associated ecological degradation—can also be turned in our favour. Your small-planet heroics can ripple across the globe, if we work together.


For organizations already working to address facets of this global challenge, CoSphere can further your efforts. Persistent, underlying problems in our social, economic, political, and governance systems often undermine genuine and lasting success in any of our separate missions. We need to band together to effect a system change that's bigger than any of us.

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Imagine a world where humans and nature coexist to benefit each other, supporting a sustainable future for all. Join our community to support this movement.

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Read about transformative change, as well as the latest program analyses, science explainers, and personal stories — because the work of change is a deeply personal one.

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