Welcome to CoSphere

A community committed to share planetary responsibility

We depend on each other and the planet.

Being responsible humans and planetary stewards is in us all and should not be difficult, but it feels that way. We don’t need superheroes, we just need to do our share, and maybe a little more—which would make each of us a small-planet hero.

We can do this together. CoSphere is here to make it easier.


Our Vision

Through an online community and platform, CoSphere will connect and enable consumers and businesses to support conservation using a series of creative financing and reward mechanisms.


This mutual reinforcement will support ecosystems and transform supply chains to mitigate impact and inspire planetary responsibility. 

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The CoSphere Community

Consumers will be engaging online to support real and impactful conservation and restoration projects that will be offsetting the impact their purchases and lifestyles are having, and in stores to support businesses who are doing the same. Reducing their impact and receiving rewards and incentives for participating in the CoSphere Community.

Businesses will be committing to support the mitigation of the impacts associated with their products in a measurable and transparent way. Aiding them in aligning their values with their customers', strengthening their brand and engaging with consumers in the CoSphere Community who support their efforts to meet sustainability and CSR goals.
Conservation organizations will be providing projects on the ground and in the water that are restoring and protecting wildlife and ecosystems to achieve Impact Mitigation. Gaining access to the CoSphere community of conscientious consumers and businesses who are committed to offset their impact via conservation and restoration projects.
Impact Mitigation
CoSphere aims to catalyze the mitigation of large-scale environmental and social-ecological degradation caused by modern economic activity. To achieve this we will offer financial, institutional and public support to people and organizations around the world that are working to reduce this impact. Two types of projects that mitigate impact will receive our support:

Projects that support the thousands of farmers, fishers & foresters that are striving to implement more sustainable practices that reduce the stress on ecosystems and biodiversity. Aiding them to continue resource-based livelihoods while protecting and nurturing the planet.

Projects that support restoration of degraded land to bring back some of the world’s most precious natural ecosystems and conservation projects that are aiming to protect the species and places that need critical attention.


Our Plan

We will focus on engagement to grow the CoSphere community, research to develop protocols to monitor and evaluate Impact mitigation, and the creation of technological tools to make this all happen.


How do I get involved?

We are currently in the initial stages of developing CoSphere and as we move forward we want to start building a community of people who support our idea and want to improve their impacts.  If you want to see the growth of CoSphere and want to hear from us when we move to the next phase

Launch of our website so people can learn about our idea and sign up to support its development.
Develop the CoSphere platform and work with conservation organizations to select projects to launch.
Develop a market place and impact investing options