CoSphere Pledge

Being a good planetary citizen shouldn’t be so hard.

Are you tired of purchasing products whose life cycles harm the environment and the people who depend upon it? Join us as part of the solution, making supply chains sustainable: Take the CoSphere Pledge [to show organizations your business depends on their commitment to accounting for our collectivetheir environmental impact]

I want the products I buy to avoid harming the environment—avoid endangering species, polluting water, clearing old growth forests, bleaching coral reefs—and even regenerate it. When trustworthy Earth-positive options are available, I will seek them out. To the extent that environmental damages seem necessary in the transition towards sustainability, I want sourcing companies to pay to fix these. And if I need to choose a product from a company that doesn’t, I would like to be able to push for market change by paying for the restoration myself. The more damaging, the more we should pay, and if we can’t afford the restoration, we should think again about the product.