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I am a humanities scholar focusing on literature by women of color, especially African American, Asian American, Latina, and Indigenous peoples of North America. I am interested in the ways the empowerment of various minority groups (especially women and people of color) will be inextricable from sustainability consciousness-building movements and transformative action premised on respect and ethical engagement with the more-than-human world. I want to learn more about how the political mobilizing, community-based network-building, engagement with alternative spiritualities and subjugated knowledges, unique historical and future-focused strategies of student and worker-led social movements, and key lived experiences of historically underrepresented groups can be harnessed and optimized for environmental sustainability and social justice initiatives. I am also interested in the specifically feminist angles and approaches of past, extant, and emergent environmental futures.

I started my undergraduate years wanting to be a biologist but ended up earning a Ph.D. specializing in African American literature. I work in women's and gender studies and am a Tier II Canada Research Chair in Manitoba. My knowledge deficit is wide and real when it comes to environmental jargon, but I know I was more excited to join the Environment Club in grade 8 than I was any other club. I am eager to look again at the science in "scientia." We start with water and end without it.

Nancy Kang
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