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Ravinder Dhaliwal
Sep 23, 2022
In Member Introductions
Hi everyone! My name is Ravinder Dhaliwal and I am a Biology major in my last year. I am excited to be in this class and to learn more about creating an environment friendly future. I enjoy spending time outdoors and love exploring the natural beauty of our province. So for me, it's really important to create a sustainable and positive future that preserves the natural beauty of the world!
Ravinder Dhaliwal
Sep 16, 2022
In #UnleashValues
The positive future I envision involves sustainability surrounding fast fashion. I want to be able to contribute to a more ethical and environmental friendly and to reduce hazardous waste due to fast fashion production. I do believe that overconsumption is largely due to boredom and the negative effects of overconsumption is not considered by many. An idea I have is to be able to refurbish clothes or fashion in a more sustainable way while keeping up with the new trends. We should support thrifting and the reusing of clothes long-term.

Ravinder Dhaliwal

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