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Tiffany Crawford
Mar 29, 2022
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Is anyone on CoSphere an expert on garden allotments or spearheading a movement to get them going here in Metro Vancouver? This is something I think about a lot, especially now with the soaring cost of food. Allotments-like the ones they have in England - are enormous, and anyone who wants one gets one. Every city in B.C. should have allotments in my opinion. I realize this is problematic in Metro Vancouver because of land value. But part of the environmental paradigm shift has to be reimagining those values. So perhaps every new condo should have vertical or rooftop gardens (what is the barrier to this?) Or maybe park space could be reimagined to include more garden plots. The future requires less lawn more gardens. What do you think? I am interested in writing a story for The Vancouver Sun about this.
Tiffany Crawford

Tiffany Crawford

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