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Why Join CoSphere?

You want to contribute to meaningful change, but you don’t know what to do.

An overwhelming number of campaigns, policies and programs demand your attention and support. You know that science could help you prioritize your actions, but the relevant science is vast and often inaccessible.

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CoSphere cuts through the noise.

In a world of greenwashing, CoSphere injects a reality check to foster a deeper understanding of what we can do—both as individuals and collectively—to build a more sustainable world.  We are the hub where individuals and organizations can learn, share, and participate in diverse efforts to achieve sustainability.

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For organizations already working to address facets of this global challenge, CoSphere can help to further your efforts.

It is now clear that genuine and lasting success in each of our separate missions is impeded by persistent underlying problems in our social, economic, political and governance systems. We need to band together to effect a system change that’s bigger than any of us.

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This is the idea behind CoSphere: to unite a community seeking system change for a sustainable and just future.

Joining CoSphere means joining our coalition. Take the pledge to push for a better world.

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137 nations have agreed that deep-reaching ‘transformative’ change is needed to address our global social and ecological crises—but their actions are still insufficient. Enough is enough.

I am pledging to foster deep system change towards a sustainable future as part of CoSphere.


This challenge is bigger than any of us. We need to unite in a coalition for a better world for us and future generations.

CoSphere is a coalition of individuals and organizations pushing for transformative change.


As a member of our coalition, you can...

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For All Members


Foster your understanding of necessary changes for a sustainable future and  how we can all effect change.


Learn about initiatives aligned with these goals and share your own on our community forum.


Connect with other small planet heroes and take collective action.

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For Organizations


Collaborate or seek advice on emerging campaigns oriented partly towards transformative change.


Submit a program, campaign or initiative for written analysis to be featured on CoSphere’s blog.


Post news, volunteer callouts, or other information on our community forum. 

For individuals, becoming a member of the coalition is as easy as creating an account.

From there, you can begin engaging with our community.

If your organization would like to join our coalition or learn more, contact us at