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It's heroic to take action for our future and planet. We all have a role. Find your missions here.

Connect with us @cosphereproject. Signal your values by re-sharing posts. Stay up to date on events, campaigns, and more.

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Your Missions
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2. Share your vision.

Express your values and visions for a sustainable future @unleashvalues.

Invite others to do the same or re-share any that align with them.

Join a sweeping movement.

3. Keep learning.

The CoSphere Blog can help you learn about transformative change, the latest program analyses, science explainers, and personal stories.

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4. Invite & welcome others.

Everyone belongs. We all care about the future of humanity and life on Earth. Invite others to take action, joining a community must make folks feel that belonging.

5. Have hard conversations.

Discussing the environmental crisis with people can help change hearts and minds, heal the divisions of a polarized society, and inspire learning and critical thought.


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Image by Markus Spiske

Fix the systems we live in by signing petitions or publicly supporting campaigns to transform laws, policies, corporate actions, institutions, and infrastructure.


7. Engage in meaningful discussion.

Connect with other planetary citizens on our quest for transformative change. Share your knowledge and learn from others.

Image by Antonio Janeski

Help humanity become nature-positive, actively supporting a sustainable future in which people live in harmony with nature.

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