The CoSphere community will be able to take planetary responsibility and mitigate the impact their actions and purchases are having through Mitigation payments.

How will this work? The Mitigation payments will be applied to projects provided by our partner conservation NGOs that are implementing ecological restoration and conservation initiatives in the most vulnerable ecosystems around the world. We want to support the work they are doing with thousands of conservationists as well as farmers, fishers and foresters that want to improve their practices.

We will measure the impact mitigation of each of these payments, allowing our members to track their contribution and know exactly how they are helping to make our world better and wilder.

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Mitigation payments
Social and financial returns
Consumers will be engaging online and in stores to support mitigation projects that will be offsetting the impact their purchases and lifestyles are having.
Are you a consumer concerned about your contribution in environmental degradation but don't know what to do about it?
Let us do the groundwork for you -- join the CoSphere Community to support real, impactful conservation and restoration projects, and  to support businesses who are doing the same. Reduce your impact and receive rewards and incentives for participating in the CoSphere Community.
Businesses will be committing to support the mitigation of the impacts associated with their products' extraction, manufacturing and transportation.
Are you a business wanting to capitalize the opportunity to improve your impact and offer products that align with consumer values?
Work with CoSphere to gain direct access to consumers who pledge to support your efforts to meet sustainability and CSR goals, offset your environmental impact, and strengthen your brand. As part of CoSphere, you -- and your customers -- will know your impact is measurable and transparent, that your values align with theirs, and that your commitment and effort will not go unnoticed.
Conservation organizations will provide projects on the ground and in the water that are restoring and protecting wildlife and ecosystems.
Are you an organization working on such environmental mitigation projects but need more support?
Gain access to community of conscientious consumers and businesses who are committed to offset their impact via conservation and restoration projects. If your projects meet our criteria, we will feature them for support.
Impact mitigation
The end goal of CoSphere is to mitigate large-scale environmental and social-ecological degradation caused by the economic activity driving modern prosperity.
Bringing together a community willing to share this responsibility will allow us to tackle the roots of important social and ecological problems and transform supply chains towards ecologically regenerating economies.
Check out what impact mitigation looks like
Explore Conservation International's work to ensure sustainable fisheries in Brazil
Learn about the Wildlife Conservation Society's work to protect animals around the world.
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