What kinds of interventions will bring about transformative change?

Reform subsidies so they directly improve social and environmental outcomes.

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Reform organizations, programs, and policies to make them pre-emptive, inclusive, integrated, robust to uncertainty, and geared toward the complexity of social and ecological systems.

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Bolster environmental laws & policies and eliminate corruption.


Where is it most critical to intervene?

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Embrace visions that emphasize relationships over material consumption.

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Reduce total material consumption (a function of population size, per-capita consumption, and waste).

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Unleash existing environmental values of responsibility to enable action.

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Reduce inequalities in income, gender, race, and class.

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Practice inclusion in decision-making, especially including Indigenous peoples and local communities.

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Internalize the negative effects of our actions, which are often hidden, distant, diffuse, and delayed.

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Innovation and Investment (LP7)

Move toward technology that produces net-positive impacts on people and nature.

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Education (LP8)

Grow the knowledge and education systems needed for citizenship at all levels, and spread knowledge about sustainability.


Where are the areas for system transformation?

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Food and Water

Transform food and water systems to meet growing human needs in an equitable, resilient, and environmentally friendly manner.

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Economy and Finance

Transform economic and financial systems to lead and power the shift to sustainability.

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Human Health, Equity and Peace

Transform policies, practices, and technologies to limit climate change, ecosystem degradation, and pollution that create human health risks and impede progress toward peaceful and inclusive societies.

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Transform current trends of environmental decline that are risking human well-being and the Sustainable Development Goals.


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Transform the production and use of energy so everyone has access to clean and affordable energy.



You want to effect meaningful change, but you don't know how...