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Help humanity become nature-positive, actively supporting a sustainable future in which people live in harmony with nature.

Our Impact

Image by Aditya Chinchure

CoSphere takes a different approach to promoting sustainability than most organizations.

We strive to catalyze action for systemic, transformative change that includes shifts in norms, lifestyles, educational systems, legal systems, and systems of innovation and investment to achieve lasting sustainability. 

Our community provides a safe space for co-learning and action while equipping our members with the knowledge and tools to instigate system change.


By enabling action that aims to create fundamental change—such as transforming consumption habits or generating momentum for campaigns to reform unsustainable laws—CoSphere will have immediate positive impacts on communities while laying the groundwork for long-lasting sustainability. 

CoSphere is primarily focused on Metro Vancouver and its surrounding communities; however, we intend to expand our reach to all of North America and eventually on a global scale.

How We Define Success

Our platform is intended to be a place for learning, for not only our community members, but our team as well. As a result, we regard “succeeding” and “not succeeding” differently than most. We view both as opportunities to spur growth and create a more dynamic platform, allowing us to pursue what we see as the most promising approach.

We recognize that by pursuing big-picture change, this breaks away from the standard method of verifying success. Projects undertaking incremental change are generally favoured due to their physical or tangible nature with quantifiable outcomes. However, achieving genuine, lasting sustainability requires operating outside of these bounds. This requires a radical break from current trajectories, which may only be achieved through transformative change. 

Donations Policy

We only accept donations that align with our vision and mission. We reserve the right to decline any donations we see as in conflict with our values or compromising our integrity. 

For privacy information, visit Terms and Privacy at UBC.

For general donation questions contact 

For annual donations questions contact

Identification Information

UBC is a registered charity (Charitable Number: 10816 1779 RR0001) with the Canada Revenue Agency and US 501c(3) nonprofit (Taxpayer Identification Number: 98-6001255). In circumstances where the Donation is eligible and in accordance with the Income Tax Act of Canada, we can provide donors with an official tax receipt.

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