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I am the owner of Bamboo Birdie, a start-up kids clothing company (0-5 years). Kids grow out of their clothes so quickly it is my aim to provide a different option to high impact waste of fast fashion. My company aims to put the planet first and keep kids clothing in circulation as long as possible by:

  • using sustainable fabrics

  • 'designing in' longevity

  • using more gender neutral styles so they can be passed on to siblings

  • accepting all BB clothing back after use (regardless of condition) for repair or repurpose

I want it to become second nature that clothing is returned after use. Baby clothing especially, can get stained or damaged and won’t make it on to the charity shop floor even if it is donated. There is high waste because parents will discard stained or torn clothing as they believe there is no other option if it can’t be worn by another.

Working as a solo entrepreneur I would love to have conversations with others about how we can address engrained behaviours, get people on board and build community around the clothing ‘return it’ lifestyle and align what people say they want to do with what they actually do.

Beth Hazell
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