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Lori Goldman OK Valley
Aug 01, 2022
In Member Introductions
I am a climate activist, frustrated and stricken with climate grief at the inaction of elected leaders to listen to the science around climate. Governments watch climate catastrophes, pay for rescues and reconstruction, and subsidize the companies creating this disaster. As we all join together, we must scream louder and work harder to reach the deniers and enablers. In my city, we are raising awareness through a campaign to stop and NEW pipeline proposed by FortisBC to pass by our town and go 30KM north. This means 1000s of new homes will potentially hook up to gas, further increasing methane and CO2 emissions. This is crazy and must be stopped. Sign up to oppose the proposal.
Greetings from the unceded and ancestral territories of the Syilx Okanagan people in Penticton, BC.   content media

Lori Goldman OK Valley

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