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Matin Moradkhan
Sep 23, 2022
In #UnleashValues
A key element that may be overlooked in building a sustainable future is social- ecological justice& meaningful inclusion. We (the government and society) should be doing a better job. I should acknowledge the privilege of being able to to share their my vision and voice and my value is to support minorities and others so they can be heard. My vision for the future is to have leaders and governments that embrace diversity, support inclusion in decision-making by forming advisory committees from marginalized communities & make an effort for reconciliation by valuing, indigenous and First Nations values and embracing them and forming laws to support them. My plan is to educate myself about justice and actively advocate for diversity and inclusion in my own work and study place to create positive change. #Unleashvalues
Matin Moradkhan
Sep 16, 2022
In #UnleashValues
Overconsumption is a huge problem leading to the environmental crisis. And many people are not aware of the negative effect of their choices. The truth is that although it difficult, we get to choose our values. My vision for a better future is for our generation to become more thoughtful of controlable consumption. My plan is to lessen my contribution to fast fashion by holding on to good quality cloths for longer than hopping on to every trend. #Unleashvalues
Matin Moradkhan
Sep 15, 2022
In Member Introductions
Hello Everyone, My name is Matin Moradkhan and I am a 4th year Biology student at UBC. This term I have enrolled in the ENVR 430 course which is really exciting. I look forward to learning more about sustainability and what I can do to contribute to positive change that is aligned with my values and vision for the future. I believe in the power of our voices and actions as youth. To be able to create a better future we need to start in the present. #UnleashValues

Matin Moradkhan

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