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Natalie Ma
Sep 23, 2022
In #UnleashValues
I envision a future that brings justice and resolves the issue of the exploitation of the land of Indigenous and coastal communities for profit and economic gain. I feel after discussing about these issues in class that it is extremely unjust and disappointing that the government would make these decisions (such as reintroducing sea otters, controlling fishing seasons, etc.) without consulting the original owners of these lands and disrespecting their cultures and traditional practices. The connection that these local community owners have with their land is importantly ingrained in their traditions and the government and these larger institutions and businesses need to be aware of that. It is intrusive and destructive towards the traditional practices these cultures have as they continue to exploit the nature and natural resources of their land for business. I believe in the rights of Indigenous and coastal communities to be able to practice their traditions and thrive on their land without government obstruction. I believe that to resolve these issues, the government definitely needs to recognize and consult Indigenous and coastal communities before making these decisions, respect and learn about their cultural practices and consider these before making decisions regarding the usage of their lands and resources. In terms of the distribution issue, the government should make sure to compensate and give back to the local communities that they're taking resources from. I hope to see a future that can allow Indigenous and coastal communities to have their land back to continue their traditions and practices without governments and businesses obstructing them.
Natalie Ma
Sep 17, 2022
In #UnleashValues
My vision for a positive future involves putting an end to the overconsumption of fast fashion, planned obsolescence of goods and instead have manufacturers produce better quality goods with increased durability and reusability. I believe we should not have to buy new things all the time if they're repairable or durable, and we should only really be buying things we actually need. Overconsumption is depleting the planet’s natural resources as products are continually being produced and detrimental to the environment especially as these very same products are thrown out and burnt e.g. clothes. My plans for change involve first advocating against fast fashion and for better quality goods through campaigns such as through social media, encourage and educate people to learn more about the processes behind fast fashion and planned obsolescence in hopes that people can consume less from these retailers, and hopefully push for laws that can be enforced against these issues. Specifically for fast fashion, a way to encourage people to reuse their clothes and consume less is to make the trend of "capsule wardrobes" more popular - these are essentially where you only buy select pieces of clothing that are neutral colored that never go out of style and easily complement each other. I hope that together, we can work towards improving the issue of overconsumption and gradually improving the environment. #UnleashValues
Natalie Ma
Sep 10, 2022
In Member Introductions
Hi I’m Natalie, a third-year Biology student at UBC. I am enrolled in ENVR 430 at UBC and excited to learn more about the ecological and climate crises happening currently and go about fostering real change in tackling the issues through sustainability solutions and strategies. I look forward to studying more about the connection between social and environmental science concepts and their implementation into investigating strategies for ecological and sustainability problems. I hope that by gaining knowledge from this course, it can help me to empower myself and future generations to continue to work towards solving the climate crises. Follow #UnleashValues !

Natalie Ma

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