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My Positive Future
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Ravleen Gill
Sep 22, 2022
Hi Declan, thank you for your kind response! In my mind, seeking discomfort means to explore topics, conversations, trends, practices, thoughts, and beliefs that have become commonplace in society or to you yourself as an individual. By actively pursuing hard conversations that aren't always the most comfortable to have, is the only way that true change can ensue within ourselves and amongst society to mobilize against certain norms and trends. I definitely acknowledge the privilege that some of us have, but I think it is our duty to self reflect and that requires having the courage to put yourself in a state of vulnerability which can entail discomfort. Everyone comes from different walks of life so taking this initial step may look different for everyone, but what's important is that we all start somewhere. I think it is natural for humans to want to live in a state of comfort, however, growth is not comfortable and will not occur unless people truly desire it for themselves. This requires deep self reflection of ones values and whether their actions and lifestyle align with the life they want to lead. This comes with the courage to be vulnerable with at least yourself if not others. Exploring any kind of new territory can be uncomfortable. If environmental reform were an easy feat, we wouldn't be having this discourse right now which in and of itself isn't the most comfortable conversation to be had. I think the inherent success of any movement relies on the transparency of its reality to the world. As such, these are values that I believe are pertinent to the success of a positive future that understands the importance of global sustainability. The more people that become open to the idea of vulnerability, the more common ground will open up for change to ensue and initiatives to mobilize to condemn practices like consumer culture and rectify its damages.

Ravleen Gill

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