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Sarah P
Sep 23, 2022
In #UnleashValues
I hope for a future where society genuinely values the voices and knowledge of those who have historically been undervalued and silenced. The current system of greed, supported by privileged people in developed nations and wealthy corporations, has degraded ecosystems in a way that negatively impacts communities made up of BIPOC people. This is called environmental racism and it is clearly unjust. A way to support this vision of a more just future would be to vote for BIPOC candidates running in municipal, provincial, and federal elections (if they are committed to improving the health of ecosystems and/or people). Another intervention would be to conduct all operations that can have consequential impacts on the environment (e.g., resource extraction projects, energy project, conservation projects) to be made in full partnership with the Indigenous communities whose land would be affected by these projects. Today in Canada, the process of consulting Indigenous people is required for environmental projects, but it is flawed. We should not strive to merely consult these groups of people whose land we have stolen, instead we should be asking them for permission to conduct the economic activities we wish to pursue. We need a societal shift where Indigenous people are given back the rights to their land. Only then can we truly live in line with our "aspirations" of "reconciliation". #UnleashValues
Sarah P
Sep 16, 2022
In #UnleashValues
I envision a future where people feel more connected to each other because we become less influenced by marketing and more influenced by our own visions of sustainable and fulfilling lives. I value a world that is more thoughtful -- a world that continuously draws connections between consumption habits and the impact those habits have on ecosystems and people across the globe. To achieve this future of equity and responsibility we should ban the practice of planned obsolescence, provide subsidies for appliance repairs, and apply greater taxes on items that are produced unethically. I will take steps today towards this less-consumeristic future by committing to not buy any new clothing for the rest of this year.
Sarah P
Sep 15, 2022
In #UnleashValues
Hey everyone! My name’s Sarah and I’m super excited to be enrolled in ENVR 430 this term! I’m a fifth-year student studying Environmental Science and Political Science, and I often get frustrated by the inaction of corporations and governments when it comes to pursing more sustainable practices. However, I’m looking forward to this course because of its focus on solutions to many of the pressing environmental and social issues we face today. I can’t wait to create a positive movement alongside my peers in this course and hopefully beyond. Join the movement to #UnleashValues with us!

Sarah P

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