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Philip B
Sep 23, 2022
In #UnleashValues
What does socio-ecological justice look like? I envision a world where we are open and honest with one another...where we are all willing to share how we think and feel. At UBC, sometimes I feel that we don't provide enough room for dissenting voices. I distinctly remember a conversation I had with a friend last year. His political views are much different than mine, but he was willing to share how he truly felt. I got the sense that he didn't get this opportunity very often. I also remember some of the comments made during my environmental sciences classes. One stands out. I was placed on a team that represented the Albertan government on a debate about the TransMountain Pipeline. Upon meeting my team members, one of them remarked: "Hey, guess we're playing the bad guys!" Striving towards socio-ecological justice must involve the inclusion of traditionally marginalized voices. But it also requires us to confront our own limitations. This is where the value of courage comes in. Do we really listen to those who rely on resource extraction? Do we really understand their perspective? Are we willing to accept that we can sometimes be wrong? Once we have these hard conversations, we can start to understand. Once we start to understand, our own views evolve. My proposed intervention this week is to try and spend a week reading stories (at least 5) about local communities dependent on resource extraction projects. By reading these stories, I hope to get a better sense as to why others place so much value in these projects. #UnleashValues @CoSphere
Philip B
Sep 16, 2022
In #UnleashValues
Last October, I started calorie counting. It helped me realize how many meat, cheese, and other animal-based products I consumed every day. I wasn't able to keep up the habitat, and eventually stopped counting the following January. This summer, I moved away for the first time and started grocery shopping for myself. I was able to buy healthier food, and wasn't as tempted to buy many of the sugary treats my parents usually purchase. As a result, I lost quite a few pounds. Since I have moved back with my parents, I've started to develop the same unhealthy eating habits. Today, I am committing to start calorie counting and buying my own groceries again. I envision a world in which every individual finds their own way towards becoming more sustainable, while also achieving personal goals (e.g. health and fitness). I also value honesty. Change starts with vulnerability and honesty. Through this commitment, I hope to motivate others to do the same. @CoSphere #unleashvalues
Philip B
Sep 15, 2022
In #UnleashValues
My name is Philip! I am a fifth-year student, majoring in Environmental Sciences and minoring in Political Science. As with many others here, I am taking ENVR 430 this term and am I excited to join CoSphere! Through this course, I hope to learn about the role of individuals, organizations, and governments in finding sustainable climate change solutions. How can we ensure governments hit scientifically-informed climate targets? Do we have unsustainable habits because they are easier, or just because they appear easier? Is "voluntary simplicity" an effective intervention in urban areas? Is social media an effective medium for motivating real change? These are just some of the questions I have so far. I'm eagerly looking forward to connecting and conversing with all of you! I find significant value in honest discussions with people who see the world differently than I do. This is how we learn the most. This is how we find solutions. This is how we find happiness. Through connection, not consumption. #unleashvalues

Philip B

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